Your East African-​Indian experts are​ here to save the day​

Like the vigilante heroes in our beloved comic books, ​we saw the injustice in our East African-Indian cuisine ​scene. The sky-high prices. The limited cuisine ​options. The lack of tasty flavours.​

So we took matters into our own hands and All ​Season​s Indian Catering was born in 2011.

We're not your average takeout and catering shop.

See what makes us different.

The most premium quality ​samosas you will ever find!

The creamiest and tastiest ​butterchicken you will savour!

The fluffiest and freshest ​mandazi (African donut) ever!

Food makes our lives brighte​r.

We're here to make your tast​ebuds’ experience be​tter.

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